Coding EMG/NCS on patient with neck injury


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Hello all,

I code inpatient mental health for a psych hospital. We periodically send patients out to other specialty providers for consultations and tests (MRI, US, etc). As such, we are required to submit Dx and CPT codes to the other provider/entity for what we are asking them to do, before they will set up appointments for us. The information I receive from our providers is extremely sparse, and not likely to get better anytime soon; as such, I typically presumptively code more "complete" procedures, to be sure that the outside provider is covered to do what he/she feels is necessary.

So here is the current situation: Our patient sustained ligament damage to neck through a suicide attempt (hanging). Patient now has pain and tingling in hands and feet (also a hx of SLE). I'm planning the 95907-95913 code range with +95885, +95886, and/or +95887.

Questions: Since neck ligament damage presumed to be a causative factor, will I actually code +95887 to represent cranial/cervical nerve-supplied muscles? Or would I simply code testing the four extremities which will include the paraspinals? As for 95907-95913 range of codes (since I'm coding presumptively), I'm planning to use 95912 or 95913 for maximum number of studies to cover my bases. Hope I don't sound too ignorant re: the issue, but I haven't coded ANY neuro in almost two years.

Thanks for any help you folks can offer!

Erin K. C., CPC