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I need help coding a procedure: Rt partial mastectomy w/ mammographic localization with axillary sentinel node sampling.
description: Monitored anesthesia care started, upon returning from lymphoscintigraphy and wire location. Local anesthetic was infiltrated. The right axilla was opened. a solitary soft lymph node was identified and measured 7000 units on the gamma counter. This was sent for frozen sectioning showing no evidence of metastatic malignancy. Remaining showed no clinically suspicious nodes. Background activity was all less than 150 units. Satisfactory hemostasis was assured. The axilla was closed in layers with absorbable suture followed by dermabond. The breast was explored through a 12 o'clock circumareolar incision. The localization wire was easily identified from beneath the surface of the skin. Using electrocautery and sharp dissection, a large core of tissue was then taken down towards the pectoralis fascia encompassing the entire localized wire. This was tagged for orientation and sent for specimen imaging showing satisfactory clip inclusion of all three prior placed clips, the ribbon being the clip of significance today. Additional margins were obtained from the six borders. This spaneed from just beneath the surface of the skin incorporated the pectoralis major fascia deep. Satisfactory hemostasis was assured throughout the breast cavity. Three gold fiducial markers were place circumferentially. The defect was closed in layers with absorbable suture followed by dermabond.
My primary question is, what cpt code would you use for the Three gold fiducial markers (clips) I'm having trouble finding a good fit.
Thank you