Wiki Coding for Drug induced Hypoglycemia


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Admitting and Discharge Dx is "Hypoglycemia" with notes stating that, he may have had a side effect from Darbepoetin (given in ER) vs accidental ingestion of his wife's glyburide.
Proper way to code would be E16.0 Drug-induced hypoglycemia without coma, (per guidelines: Use additional code for adverse effect, if applicable, to identify drug).
So I will add T45.8X1A Poisoning by antianemic agents and T38.3X1A Poisoning by antidiabetic oral drugs???
Please help.
unless you are coding for the facility claim, you cannot code this a s a drug reaction given the statement that this may have been a side effect. Only the facility coder, coding for an inpatient stay, may code an uncertain diagnosis. Also it would not be poisoning for the drug given in the ER, that would be an adverse effect.