coding for injections, facelifts, anything cosemtic


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Hi All,

I am a new coder and Im working in a plastic surgeons office. I do not have anyone to direct me for the last coder left before I started. Any advice and tips would be helpful!
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Here's some easy codes to start: 15775-15879
19324 and 19325 will probably be some of your best friends
11950-11954 collagen injections

They're kind of all over the place; sometimes you'll have to look for codes that seem as though they are not cosmetic, but end up being so because there's no medical necessity, eg, removing ribs.... not because of a traumatic crushing injury, but because someone wants to make their waist smaller. :rolleyes:

I assisted with the development and implementation of a plastic surgery-surgical department in the facility I work for... the decision was made to refer to the department as "Plastics and Reconstruction" rather than "plastic surgery" to take out some stigma apparently. (laughs). I'm not sure how the facility you're at functions, but almost half of the patients in our "Plastics and Reconstruction" department are there for reasons other than to just make themselves look better (breast reconstruction after mastectomy, revision of extensive scar tissue from a burn, victims of assault with broken noses or facial bones, etc). If your provider(s) see patients like these as well, be prepared to appeal until you're blue in the face.

My advice to you, look for the appropriate procedure codes as if they weren't cosmetic. If you get stuck in the "cosmetic only" mindset, you may end up with tunnel vision.

Feel free to PM if you want. The plastics boat isn't fun when you're in it alone.