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Jacksonville, FL
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Can anyone help me with a billing/coding question in regards to ABA services, codes 0364T and 0365T? I need to know what the guideline/rules are for billing the secondary code 0365T, as far as the times/rounding up? What is the guideline, for billing the secondary code and rounding up? Does it have to be a certain number of minutes?
Example: The provider sees a kid from 9-9:30am, and then 9:30am-10:09. The first 30 mins is code 0364T. The next 30 mins is code 0365T, but can we bill another 0365T for the additional 10am-10:09? Because this is only 9mins, does that mean we can't bill for that? I know the codes are based on 30mins increments, so I want to make sure we know the correct billing and coding guidelines.

Hopefully this makes sense. Thank you for your help!

Michelle H, CPC
Jax, FL
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