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Not sure about codes Docs office wants to use 15260, 67950, 67882.

I as looking at 67971 and 15822.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The upper lid was injected. A standard upper lid blepharoplasty incision was then marked. Skin was removed. Hemostasis was maintained. The incision line wa then closed with 6-0 Nylon.

Next a canthotomy cantholysis was performed, releasing the inferior canthal tendon completely. A tarsal strip was then fashioned with removal of the orbicularis anteriorly as well as the posterior conjunctiva posteriorly. A subciliary incision was then performed with release of anterior lamella, including down the orbiularis. Hemostasis was maintained. The graft was then transfered from the right upper lid to the right lower lid, set in position with 6-0 fast. A 5-0 Vicryl on a P2 needle was then used to resuspned the lower lid tarsal plate. When that was satisfactory, then a 5-0 fast ws used to create an intermarginal adhesion, and the skin graft, as I said, was sewn into placae with a 6-0 fast.