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Meridian, ID
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Patient had a breast augmentation and her plastic surgeon does a fluid expansion every 2 weeks, this is done under the global and is not charged out each time. However, she is coming to our clinic and having this fluid expansion done and she is not under her global here at our office. This is a new one on me for the fluid refill and am not sure how to code the CPT other than unlisted procedure, breast 19499, and the ICD 9 code had me a little concerned as well. Would this still be considered reconstruction? PLEASE HELP!

Thank you
:confused: Sounds like something you are unlikely to reimbursed for by insurance. Why wouldnt the patient go back to the plastic surgery office to have these expanders done? I think the unlisted code is probably your best bet- there is no other CPT code for this type of situation.

Thank you for your input, that was thought as well. The patient did not want to drive out of town in the weather. ???