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Kim M Gordon

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I have always followed the rule from a boot camp that I attended that the 800-900 code series with the E-codes are coded within the time frame of 48-72 hours after the injury.

It then is no longer an "acute injury", does anyone have an answer to this and a website to get anymore information. Thanks in advance :)
Hi, Kim. It will be interesting to see the responses you get. You've probably already checked out the guidelines in the ICD-9 Section 1.C17.b.1 for coding guidelines for acute fractures vs. Aftercare I don't work with these codes and not sure about the 48-72 hours after the injury. Perhaps this is something that can be found in CPT Assistant and hopefully others will provide the information you seek.

---Suzanne E. Byrum
Im coding 800s for fractures and they are coded only for the first visit, after that I use V54s for aftercare. Dont use E codes very often only sometimes to let insurance know what is the problem so they dont deny stating it may be work related or so on.