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I passed my test in December and I was practicing coding some operative reports out of a book I bought awhile ago called Medical Coding Practice and Review. Anyway... I noticed that most of the reports that describe a lesion and removal of it are coded under neoplasm. Or even a polypoid lesion on the uterine wall was coded under neoplasm of uterus (uncertain behavior). In some of the operative reports there is a mention of sending the removed lesion to pathology... I can understand why you would then code it as neoplasm uncertain behavior.. BUT some are just simply lesions with no mention of pathology or anything like that... Why not just code it as a lesion in the specified area... why code as neoplasm. (I will give you an example):

Findings are polypoid lesion on the mid anterior uterine wall. I coded 621.0 .. the book coded 236.0 .

I am very frustrated, since I am in the integumentary section of this workbook and I am running across many of these same questions that are coded under neoplasm. Please someone explain to me what is going on.