Coding Office Visits Prior to Surgery- ? Part of Global Period?


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- Visit A - patient comes to office to discuss test results. MD discusses treatment options- discusses surgery, complications. postop recovery, etc. The patient decides to have hysterectomy and the surgery is scheduled for 3 weeks out.
- Visit B- patient returns to the office 2 weeks before surgery to see the CRNP for additional information about the surgery, signing of consent and to answer any questions.

Is visit "B" considered to be part of the Global Period as the decision for surgery was made during Visit A?

Per our Medicare carrier "The following services are included in the payment amount for a global surgery:
Preoperative Visits - Preoperative visits after the decision is made to operate beginning with the day before the day of surgery for major procedures and the day of surgery for minor procedure.

Would a visit 3 weeks prior to surgery be part of the global period decision for surgery?