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Mount Bethel, PA
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I have a operative note that states swan-ganz was placed under fluoroscopy
can I bill for the fluoroscopy, and if so what procedure code would I use.
yes you can bill for it, and the code that I would use would be the 77001 with the swan being billed first 36598
The Swan-Ganz code 93503 is what you use for insertion and placement of flow directed catheter for moinitoring purposes, 36589 is a removal of a venous tunneled catheter, I do beleive :) :)
Thank you both for your responses, 93503 is the procedure code I would use for the swan-ganz but since fluoroscopy was mentioned wasn't sure if I could bill for it and what procedure code would I use, because 77001 is fluoroscopy for the central line and I didn't feel that was the correct code to use with the swan-ganz