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Hello beneath code 714.0 there are the instructions to use additional code to identify manifestation, as: myopathy (359.6) polyneuropathy (357.1). Is it correct to use just the 714.0 diagnosis? I noticed that the statement "if applicable" is not in the instruction to"use additional code" for this particular code as it is with various other codes The doctor did not provide these supplemental codes to the 714.0 diagnosis and when I asked him about it he said that the 359.6 and 357.1 have nothing to do with rheumatoid arthritis. In viewing his past charges, don't see these add'l codes listed at all.

At this point for this new client just trying to make sure we have a good grasp on the codes and I do not yet have the chart notes to review. And in reviewing the convention guidelines "Use additional code" notes are found in the tabular at codes that are not part of an etiology/manifestation pair where a secondary code is useful to fully describe a condition which leads one to think that a secondary code is NOT required. However in the next sentence that follows "....use add'l code" indicates that one of these secondary codes SHOULD be added.

I'm just now sure how I should respond to the doctor's comment in light of instruction from ICD-9 guidelines. Anyone advise?
Hi Did you ever receive a response to your post? Can anyone shed light on this as I am going through the same issues here with one of our physicians.


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