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I am new to coding and code for a Pathology Group...our Drs use the term consistant with alot in final diagnosis and I've been following forum questions regarding this and my understanding is that consistant with is not considered a definite diagnosis and you should not assign a dx code using this term....I have also asked one of our physicans what they mean when they say consistant with and he states that when he uses consistant with for instance Barretts Esophagus that it is Barretts what do I need to do? Thanks in advance for any help.
Could you suggest to the Doc that he state the dx and not use consistent with? I know that sounds obvious and it's harder then it sounds. If only we could train our providers in documentation as though their lives depended on it. :eek:
Consistent with isn't an appropriate code, along with appears to be, compatible with, and all those other fun things.