Wiki Coflex 0107T vs 22899

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One of our neurosurgeons is placing what is called a Coflex device. I’ve gathered literature, searched all of my books and also had a meeting with Dr. The AANS and NASS give different suggestions on how to bill the device, AANS suggests 0107T while NASS suggests the unlisted 22899. After discussing with Dr. felt 22840 and 63047 were appropriate. With all of that said I cannot seem to find documentation to support the use of a single code across the board. Literally I have spent weeks trying to dig up information! Any suggestions?
One of my surgeons was also looking into using this product - I contacted Paradigm and asked for coding guidance. They sent some very vague information - I did a lot of research and found that the product had not been approved by the FDA for the way it was being marketed. About a month after I discussed the product with our surgeon I received information that Paradigm had been part of a False Claims Act - here is the link:
at the end of the day the surgeon said that if he feels the patient will benefit from the product he will use it and understands that it is unlikely that the service will be billed or paid.

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