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I work for a DME provider who shipped a product to a patient in another state. We filed insurance (Anthem Blue Cross) and they paid, but they sent the check to the patient. :mad: Of course, the patient stopped responding to us after receiving the insurance check. I called a collections agency I'm familiar with that's in our state to see if they could take this account, but they said working out-of-state accounts is tricky. They gave me a list of 16 states that they can't work with at all, and the patient lives in one of those states.

I've read articles with suggestions on what to do BEFORE providing the product, but I'm finding very little on how to take action against this patient. Does anybody have any experience working with out-of-state collections? We're a fairly new company and are, unfortunately, going to have a few more of these.
If you aren't licensed to collect in a different state the only option is to become licensed in the state or sell of the debt to an agency that can legally collect.