Wiki Colonoscopy With French Savory Dilation

Cary, IL
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Patient was scheduled for a colonoscopy to evaluate for Crohn's disease. The scope reached the cecum.
Findings: anal stenosis
Interventions: French Savory dilation of the anal stenosis.
Question: What is the cpt code for colonoscopy with anal dilation with a French Savory dilator? Is 45399 (unlisted colon code correct)
46604 if done anoscopy
I would reread to see if 45378 was done then anoscopy done for the stenois or query
Patient had a colonoscopy. A pediatric scope entered the rectum and was advanced to the cecum. This was done to evaluate for Crohn's surveillance. Patient also had an anal stenosis that was dilated after the scope withdrawal. So, yes, a colonoscopy was done.