Question Colonoscopy with polypectomy

Clermont, FL
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I would appreciate any other input on this case. I would like to use the following codes. 45390 PT 45385PT 59.
A single sessile 5mm polyp of benign appearance was found in the proximal ascending colon. A single piece polypectomy was performed using a cold snare. A single 2.5 cm polyp was found in the descending colon. A piece-meal polypectomy was performed using cold snare.
Polypectomy was performed using a cold snare in the descending colon. The polyp was removed but the post polypectomy site showed a yellow base worrisome for submucosal vs peritoneal fat. 4 clips placed successfully to close the defect. The polyp was not retrived. 1.4 ml injection was successfully applied for saline pillow. Polyp was lifted with the saline pillow. Endoclips were successfully applied to the descending colon.

This was a screening colonoscopy.
I would code this as follows:

45385 PT - for the cold snare
45381 PT - for the 1.4 ml saline injection

I am assuming this is a Medicare claim. I would be interested to hear other opinions.