Wiki Commercial Insurance Contracted Rates, how to renegotiate them?

Niota, TN
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I keep hearing "check on your contracted rates". I work for 2 provider, 3 PA and 4 BH office and we do everything in house. I started 3 years ago at the front desk and moved up to billing and coding and got my CPC, and my RH-CBS AND CH-CBS for being a Rural Health Clinic. However during many of the training I have attended I keep hearing "check on your contracted rates".Upon doing some research the office I work for has not had an increase in rates since 2016 when it reopened under another name. Many of the webinars I have attended have stated that you need to contact your payors an renegotiate your fees. When I tried to do this. They would tell me to just check with the payor website and all the rates are listed. This makes me think, why am I getting them renegotiated if everyone's is the same? I did have one insurance company send me the book of every code and the reimbursement rate. When I called and tried to talk to provider services, they acted like I was speaking in a foreign language and ended up transferring me to credentialing. When I got to the credentialing department they told me to look at the websites again or told me they didn't know who I needed to contact. I feel I have hit a dead end and is there even such thing for basic primary care providers? Maybe only specialties do this? I have tried to research this and find out how to go about this and what codes or services I would be get renegotiated, would it just be fee for service? I also need to know if I'm only trying to renegotiate the codes that Medicare does not cover because most of the insurance companies have said they follow CMS guidelines. I know you are supposed to use the RVU calculator to come up with a fee schedule (which also hasn't been updated and needs to be, I think).I feel I have hit a dead end and am wondering if this is something that primary care providers do? Maybe only specialties do this? If anyone has any knowledge or guidance on this I would greatly appreciate it. PLEASE HELP!