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Hello everyone!
I work for a billing co. and have been tasked to do some research as we may be taking on psych billing. I have found a lot of great info on this forum and I thank you all for providing such great info. I do have a question on psych DX codes. As I'm still fairly new to coding, I wanted to ask about certain DX codes that may normally be used when billing for psych procedures.
I should not assume, but I am in regards to some of the codes possibly used. I'm quite sure a majority would come from Vol. 1, Tab 5-Mental Disorders. Are there any other areas in which psych codes may commonly come from?
I did see that you could use the V40 series codes if needed. And the E950-959 codes also.
I did check Ingenix and saw that they have a Behavorial Health flat sheet which lists the most commonly used DX, but I just wanted to ask which areas in the tabular list the most common codes used.
Any information you fellow coders could provide would be greatly appreciated:)

Lola Ross, CPC-A
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Glendale, AZ
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Hi Lola,
We've used the mental disorder codes (290-319), some of the codes from the underlying physical condition list that is under the 294.1 code in the ICD9 Ingenix book (i.e. using 331.0 Alzheimer's as the primary code then 294.10 as secondary), and V71.09 when a patient is suspected to have a mental Dx but after eval not found. Hope this helps.