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95' Guidelines:

for the HEENT portion of the exam does the physician have to document something from each to get a comprehensive? Example:

HEENT: The pupils are equal and reactive to light. There are moist mucous membranes

I've got something for eyes, so I can count that as one, and since "moist mucous membrane" is the only thing documented for ENT does it count or does he have to say something also for the Ear and Throat to count the ENT at all?
Moist Mucus Membranes

MMM typically refers to examination of the nose/throat, so this counts as ENT exam for the 1995 guidelines.

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC
One more example....Dr. would just get credit for Eye right? Not Head, not Ears, not Nose, and not Throat right? Unless he said "negative findings" or something?

HEENT: Pupils are equal, round and reacting to light.