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Hi fellow coders,
I am having a hard time finding an answer to this question...If the doctor states that the patients Complex-Partial Seizure Disorder is "uncontrolled", and that's the only word he uses in the whole note to describe it, would that mean I would use the 5th digit of "1" for "intractable"? I saw that the definition of intractable meant meds can't control the seizures, but it doesn't technically use the term "uncontrolled". I know we can't assume things, and to me this would be assuming that he's saying uncontrolled means intractable? Would I just use the 345.40 and not use "1" as the fifth digit. Am I right hopefully? hehe :) Thanks so much to whomever is knowledgeble in this subject.
Using the "1" would be poorly controlled which is intractable or uncontrolled or med resistant to control them. Your first guess was correct.