Wiki Complication or not?


Chanute, KS
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For some reason my mind has left me on this subject. I need to know if the Doctor states "Delayed union fracture" is this a complication or just coded to the fracture site?
It is a non healing fracture and there is a code for this, ICD-10 CM has 7th digits that will indicate delayed healing as different from nonhealing.
I am not being mean here I just do not have my book available, so go to the alpha and look under malunion or nonhealing I do not remember which key word gets you there, then fracture and this will take you to the codes, there are 2 codes one for malunion of fracture and one for nonunion of fracture there are listed together in the tabular so you only need to find one in the alpha and I think it is malunion you look under.