Question Computing wRVU's on Unlisted Procedure Codes


Thomasville, GA
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Looking for opinions on how each person/group computes wRVU's for unlisted procedure codes. As a general rule, I find similar procedures that have both an open and laparoscopic code, then divide the lower RVU rate by the higher rate to get the percentage of the first. For example and open cholecystectomy is 17.48 and lap chole is 10.47, which means the wRVU's for the laparoscopic procedure are only 60% of the open. Sometimes, the laparoscopic procedure has the higher number so the unlisted code I'm looking to charge, I would make it 60% of the known code.

Does this seem to make a good process to come to an appropriate wRVU for an unlisted procedure? Thanks in advance for any opinions or assistance you can give.