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Hi, can anyone out there help me??? I'm really having trouble navigating through the CPT book. I'm also having trouble understanding how to code integral conditions and the primary dx I should be looking up...

Thanks for any help!!!

You may want to check into some of the AAPC webinars, boot camps, or Chapter meetings for help. Also it will just take practice, repetition and write notes in your cpt code book as you come across things that apply to the practice you are coding for, even in the index, write yourself notes to "see also", you will find some of these in the parenthetical notes below a cpt code. The guidelines throughout the cpt book are a great resource too. Even google is a great resource. If you are able to query your providers, they can be a great resource on describing procedures. Take the book to them and ask "what did you do". The integral part will also take some practice, some are more straight forward, such as not coding foot pain with a fractured ankle, as pain is integral to a fracture. Good luck!