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We are having a debate, can consults (rather inpt or outpt) be shared (w/ a PA or CRNP)?

Does the doctor have to dictate the consult, or can the PA or CRNP do it and put "dictated for Dr. Example"?

Thank you for any advice
Shared consults

Not for Medicare.

The intent of a consultation service is that a physician or qualified NPP or other appropriate source is asking another physician or qualified NPP for advice, opinion, a recommendation, suggestion, direction, or counsel, etc. in evaluating or treating a patient because that individual has expertise in a specific medical area beyond the requesting professional's knowledge. Consultations may be billed based on time if the counseling/coordination of care constitutes more than 50 percent of the face-to-face encounter between the physician or qualified NPP and the patient. The preceding requirements (request, evaluation (or counseling/coordination) and written report) shall also be met when the consultation is based on time for counseling/coordination.
A consultation shall not be performed as a split/shared E/M visit.