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I like to post my thoughts regarding the above topic. I have been coding for 32 years. Over the decades I have noticed issues of correct coding and compliance have turned into making sure account receivable $$$$ are met everyday by coding. Yes, this has been there for years, however, there is such a major emphasis on $$$$ instead of correct coding/compliance. I am "old school." I believe that with accurate documentation (by providers) the coding will be correct and compliant, thus the revenue comes in correctly. from my perspective, I believe that Coders have a responsibility to be correct and compliant and leave the $$$$ to the Revenue Cycle Department. If I am responsible for $$$$ too, then I need to take an accounting class. My two cents :) .
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I agree with you but if documentation is GOOD and coder misses it...loss of funding. I guess this is why have auditors for physicians/providers and coding staff. In addition correct coding/compliance is the way to go,but I understand what you are saying. I think billing & fiscal mgrs. just want claims billed ASAP to up the numbers in their mind more revenue sooner. But it takes time do medical coding abstracting, following the payer guidelines, ICD and CPT coding convention rules, NCCI, CMS, Etc Etc.
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