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Hi everyone,

While reviewing one of our rejected claims that has been placed with the w/o dept, I came across this procedure. Looking at the codes used, and the procedure note below, I am wondering if this may have actually been coded incorrectly. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. In a nutshell, I summed up the procedure below. The codes that were used by our coder were in this order: 22840 (which I know is an add on minus the main code), and then they used 22899. Due to the add on code being used incorrectly and the main code placed as the secondary code, and the fact that it was a unlisted procedure, you can see where I am questioning if this was coded wrong. Thanks so much for any help provided!

Procedure: Minimal invasive decompression & interbody fusion st L4-L5 w/allograft bone chips and bone marrow aspirate and PRP and instrumentation with Denali pedicle screws.

.....Jamshidi needle was introduced into L5 pedicle while visualizing enface. ...
Satisfactory. Stylet was removed & guidewire was introduced through needle. Needle removed and tapping carried out. Denalis screw was inserted w/Seregti retractor. Found safe.
Similiar procedure repeated at L4. Measurements was carried out and a 50mm T-contoured rod was selected. The rod was inserted and distraction was carried out and disk height was increased by nearly 100%. The rod was locked and the patient was then transferred to interbody foraminal decompression with discectomy and interbody fusion. Same on left side........ Indigo carmine was injected and instrumentation w/guidewire obturator and cannula was carried out with the rongurs first under fluroscopic control and then later under arthroscopic control. Similar procedure repeated on right side.