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I have a new client who is a LCSW. I have been reviewing the information that she has provided and it turns out that she does a large amount of couples therapy as well as individual. It also appears that she has not been billing correctly for the couples psychotherapy. I know that couples psychotherapy should be coded using CPT 90847 however I am uncertain as to whether I would use the 90847 or a 90801 for the initial visit. Does any know?

I am also looking for documentation to supply her which states that CPT 90847 is for couples as well as full families. She is very leary of change so I need to supply her something in writing to ease her mind. Does anyone have something that they might be able to share or have suggestions as to where to look?

I know there are some CPT Assistant articles regarding this however I do not have access to them. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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