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Seattle, WA
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I am currently working as a Medical Claims Examiner for a specialty health group. I recently received my certification in coding and I am looking for an opportunity to grow in the field. I am detail-oriented, analytical and eager to learn new things. I always aim to improve my skills. As a response to an ever-evolving landscape of billing and coding, I have learned to adapt to changing circumstances.
As an apprentice, I am sure I will learn from my mistakes and my successes. Correction will only help me to add more substance to what I already know and learn the nuances of interpreting medical information. I am a dependable employee and make an intentional effort to do quality work. This field fascinates me, and I know there can be many applications of this useful skill. I am just seeking an entry, a chance, so that I can build upon that foundation and advance in my career. I have attached my resume for your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration,

Teri Peniston


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