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Is it permissible to make notes, highlight, underline, etc. next to questions on the exam booklet? Can you put "sticky tabs" next to questions to come back to?
Hi scbk1,

Yes you can write in your exam booklet all you want. It get's sealed up when your done anyway. They don't like for you to use post it notes or scrap paper for fear of people write exam questions and taking with them afterwards.

I recommend to my students that they use their exam grid an make a dot notation to the left of the question number telling them they need to come back to it if time allows.

Here is an article from my blog that might help regarding my "One Dot - Two Dot" method.

CPC Exam Time Management

Best wishes!
I asked the same question when I sat for the CPC exam.

I was told that "they" PERFER you don't mark in the books but proctors just kinda shrugged their shoulders and nodded when I asked if I could underline things in the exam booklet.

I ended up not marking in the exam booklet, however, because whoever "they" are perfered I didn't, so I didn't.
Hi Katie,

So who told you "they" prefer you don't? Perhaps that person (an instructor perhaps?) meant writing in the manuals - not the exam booklet. It sound like the proctors were fine with it (as they should be).

The best thing to do is to email and ask directly if it is allowed. Scrap paper is not allowed so you have to jot notes somewhere and that is your exam booklet.
Laureen is absoulutlely right. YOU can mark in the exam booklet and I have told my studnets to do just that is they needed to do so. I know from taking enough exams myself, that I mark in the exam booklet. YOU CAN NOT take any loose paper into the exam just as Laureen stated earlier. Hope this clears things up and helps everyone taking the exam.

By the way Laureen I love your one dot two dot on the exam grid, I think I will steal that ideal!:D
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Thanks Judy and all others who replied...that helps alot. I like to be able to underline or highlight pertinent info as I read through the question. I'll leave "sticky tabs" at home!

I checked out your Time Management tips. Thanx! Do you think it is of any benefit when "dot marking" medium and hard questions to also put a number next to it to indicate what area (i.e., 1 for Integumentary, 3 for Respiratory, etc.). That way when you go thru the booklet again you can do all the questions for 1 area at a time, hopefully saving a lot of page shuffling back and forth. Please let me know what you think. I'm taking the exam on Saturday and want to get my " test taking strategy" in my mind before I get there.