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I am not presently employed in the health care industry. I’m preparing for the CPC exam. What are you not allowed to write in your codebooks? I have the official CPC study guide and it states - You can write helpful notes in your book and tab them for easy reference. But also states - All notes should be relevant to work performed daily by a coder. I’m’ not coding and not sure what would be considered as relevant to work performed daily by a coder. Would definitions be allowed? It’s all new to me and I want to scribble notes all over. But I don’t want to start the exam and have notes that are not allowed. I want to play by the rules. Thanks for any help… Dale.


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Just don't copy questions and answers out of the study guides and you should be fine. I have a ton of notes written in. Also don't staple, paste, tape, used bubblegum, etc to affix additional information. Small tabs to mark sections to flip to them easier are fine, using a giant sticky note for a tab and write all over it would not be allowed.