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Delaware, OH
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my name is michele. i need help from anyone who has taken the CPC-P exam. I just recently passed the CPC exam and i want to go ahead and take the CPC-P before the end of 2008. i have a job offer but i need that certification. so i am pressed for time you could say. well my problem is the AAPC is currently re-vamping the CPC-P exam so they have taken all the study guides off the site. i have been told i can still technically take the test but they recommend waiting to take the new 2009 version. i would normally wait but since i have a job on the line, i need to take it this year.
is there anyone out there who has the 2008 CPC-P study guide or a version that is close enough for me to pass the test? i will buy them or borrow them and return them safely. i know i am a complete stranger to anyone who helps me but i do give my word that if you want your books returned i will do it and they will not be damaged! i would just GREATLY appreciate some study guides so i can take my test in the next couple of months so i can get my job!!
or if anyone knows where i can buy some. i would prefer the 2008 but i wont be overly picky, lol. i have looked online and on barnes&noble and all seem to be a dead end.
thanks so much!
Call Ingenix (who published the "old" ones) and ask if they've got any collecting dust. Offer to buy at a discount and good luck to you. I wish I had one to offer.