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I have completed and passed the AAPC course online. I also took the CPC test twice already and both times did not pass...missed them by 12 questions....I am going to try for a third time in don't know how much this has discouraged me, not passing the 1st two times but I am not giving up....
I failed twice and made it the third one.
I looked at what areas I was lacking of and worked on it. I also had problem with time management. I also print out my practice exam and tried solving them fresh and timing. I started the test from the back on the exam day. Barely finished in time without snack and water break. Anyhow it was grueling for me.

Let's look at each areas that you need to work on. Practically when you read the questions on whatever systems you should have clear understanding what are they asking for. You almost have to familiarize to every scenarios for each systems.

For example: integumentary system. Incision, excision If there is a repair etc so the answers are there but we need to know like everyone said guideline. Yup it's the guideline. Hope third time is the charm. Good luck and also put notes on your coding book. Anyhow I watched of lots if videos on YouTube.
i also took the test twice and failed both times with a 69%. I retook for the 3rd time this week but I came across 2 questions where I disagreed with all the choices that were listed for answers. Has anyone had this issue before? I really do not want to sit through this again.