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So, I want to take me Peds specialty exam. I am currently coding for a Peds office, but would like a course on this specialty prior to the exam. Are there any recommendations?
i used the aapc study guide and practice exam and passed the 1st time. i'm glad there is going to be someone else as i rarely see the cpedc credential. put out any other ?'s you might have and i'll try to answer.good luck. lburke cpedc ( i love adding that to my name)
you got it! I would like to add that to mine as well! what did you have to review for A&P or Terminology?
i copied down everything i saw in the study guide or in pts charts i didn't know and either asked our md's or googled it. then i memorized it. like PERRL or C/C/E. there wasn't a real need to have an in depth anatomy or physiology understanding. but boy did you have to know coding!what was really hard for me were questions on things not done by my physicians like critical care. we only see normal newborns or else they go to the NICU.ljb
I have to agree with the above posts I took my test in April and I found the most benefical study guides were the ones that the APPC offered. I got both and felt they were very helpful!
I also used AAPC's study guide and tests and passed on the first time a few years back. You can take a specialty coding book with you to the exam. I chose Coding For Pediatrics by AAP. It helped. Make sure you focus heavily on 1995 and 1997 guidelines, there were lots of questions using both guidelines. Good luck!