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i recently got my CPMA certification and need to do the 8 ceus. any recommendations for free ceus or any other source paid is fine too.


True Blue
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My recommendation is the same place you get your other CEUs.
1) FREE local chapter webinars. Many chapters are still holding virtual meetings. You may have to search a bit, but you can take from any local chapter (not just your own). Many qualify for specialty CEUs and it will be listed on the site. For example, the Bakersfield, CA chapter is having a virtual meeting 9/26/22 worth 2 CEUs and counts for CPMA. It will take some AAPC website searching on your behalf to find, but you should be able to find all of them for free.
2) If you would rather do on demand, or don't want to utilize the local chapter webinars, my next recommendation is to purchase a subscription to any one of the numerous paid services. AAPC, NAMAS, CCO, E&M University, etc. I don't personally recommend one over another - I've never subscribed to compare.
3) Purchasing individual webinars, again from any of the many organizations that offer them. This is usually more expensive than just purchasing a subscription unless you want 1 webinar from each of several different companies.

Other than my first renewal (because I wasn't being pro-active throughout the year), I have always managed to pay ZERO for CEUs. In my opinion, the virtual local chapter webinars have been a godsend. Before that, although there are several local chapters within a 2 hour drive, that required me to coordinate my work schedule with New York rush hour traffic. Now, even if I can't leave work early, I can still take the webinar whether I'm working in the office or from home. It also opens up hundreds of local chapters instead of the handful that were driveable.