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If someone comes in and is coded, the e/m would be critical care (over 30 mins) and i would charge CPR as a procedure....the pt is intubated...i charge that too. I would not charge for the ng tube as that is included in the critical care charge....if the pt received epi and atopine during the code...then when they were back to sinus rhythm...the pt was put on a versed drip to keep them sedated because of the tube...would the medication administration (injection) charges be included in the CPR code and then could i still charge for the versed drip since that isn't part of the CPR acls protocol.... or are all medication administrations absorbed into the cpr, intubation codes...and if the pt is intubated, are the initial paralytic administration charges "bundles" into that too. I can not seem to be able to get a concise answer on these. thanks!!!!!!