Wiki CPT 28292 with 28306-medial incision


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A medial incision was created beginning at the IP joint of the great toe and extended proximally to the proximal metaphyseal area of the first etatarsal. Through this approach the medial aspect of the first MTP joint was approached. There was not a significant prominent medial eminence. The dorsal aspect of the metatarsal was exposed with sharp elevator. The McGlamry elevator was used to free the sesamoids from beneath the first metatarsal head. A scarf first metatarsal osteotomy was then fashioned, this translated the metatarsal head medially approximately 2mm, but it derotated te head substantially to correct for valgus distal metatarsal articular angle. there was some bone graft placed from the proximal metaphyseal area into the lateral dorsal Scarf cut.

Would 28292 + 28306-59 work?
Insurance does not want to pay for 28292 + 28306 stating to use 28299, this would be ok if 28292 is a Keller type procedure, but what if its a McBride, or Mayo type procedure?