Question CPT 36565


San Antonio, TX
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Right neck was was prepped and draped. Ultrasound machine easily placed over the right IJ. Next, a 16-gauge Angiocath needle was easily introduced into the right IJ on the first stick. Guidewire was placed without issue. Next, the 2 tunneling devices were used to tunnel into the right subclavian region. The catheters were pulled down without any issue. Local was placed. Dilators were placed down 2 guidewires and placed in proper position. This was confirmed on fluoroscopy. They were easily flushed with nonpulsatile dark venous blood drawback. The small incision was closed with Monocryl.

My dr says this is a tesio placement but in my coding book it says this code requires 2 catheters via 2 venous access sites. I see right IJ and right Subclavian region but not sure if this meets 36565 requirements? Any help would be appreciated!