CPT 47564 Surgical Package


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I want to know where in cpt 2016 code book I can find the surgical package for code 47564? I look in the biliary tract note section and I can not find the description of the surgical package. One of the rational in my CPC exam book state the procedure includes incision of the common duct to extract stones and the insertion of a T-tube that is brought out through the abdominal wall, but I do note see that description in the cpt code book.
There aresnt any sources that detailed in the CPT book (the exam wont test you on any code questions that you cannot answer with the CPT book and general medical terminology and anatomy). The CPT book only lists the general global surgical package which applies to pretty much every CPT code in the book.

Usually it's looking at the other options that will help you decide which of the 4 are correct. I think the rationale is likley too detailed which is throwing you off. The code is for a cholecystectomy (removal of gallbladder ) via endoscope. So the gallbladder is pulled out of the abdomen via the port the scope was inserted in. The exploration of the ducts was in addition to the removal.

Looking at the code range, the other codes similar to the answer are:

47562 which is the removal of the gallbladder with the scope


47563 which is the removal of the gallbladder with the scope Plus x-ray of the bile duct(s)

What was the scenario and the other code options?
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