Wiki CPT 88305-88309 With Modifier59 Usage

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I need some assistance and understanding the usage of the Mod. 59 with CPT 88305-88309. Is this okay to use if you take one or sometimes more specimens?
If a doctor performs the 88305 then does is two more times in the same setting the other two 88305 both have appended Modifier 59's and they are all for the same dx code. Or One doctor will preform 88305 twice the second with a mod 59 and a another doctor will preformed a 88305 with a mod 59 all on the same day
I'm so sorry. I'm still not clear on your question. Could you please post the pathology reports as examples?
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this, but i was able to find out the answer that was need, i found that it was per specimen. Sorry for the confusion.