Wiki CPT 88307 for Skin - deep excision/re-excision


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I am inquiry about the correct CPT code usage for Skin excision/re-excision w/o tumor for Pathology. I have being using 88307, Level 5 - Surgical pathology, gross and microscpic examination, soft tissue mass (except lipoma) - biopsy/simple excision that pays more when the lesion extends into subcutaneous tissue for these, but recently read in the June 2012, Volume 13, Number 6, of the Pathology/Lab Coding Alert from the Coding Institute that you can cannot use this 88307. The article states "only use three codes for Skin (88302, 88304, and 88305). You cannot use 88307, Level 5 because of cancer diagnosis, extreme depth or size, or an unusually difficult and time cosuming pathology exam, such as a melanoma specimen requiring margin evaluation. I would appreciate any information that can claify this for me. Thank you.
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