Wiki CPT 92226 modifer 50 or RT LT


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Hi folks, Gosh it seems to me there was a list of codes that were eligble for the RT & LT modifier but I can't find it. Does anybody remember that? I know that 92226 is user friendly with modifier 50 but what about the RT LT? Is one preferred over the other?
Thank you for your response. I went to the link and I had been looking for that exact thing, however, do you know where it is documented that RT & LT would be incorrect? And I probably missed it but where is the documentation that indicates "If a procedure code assigned a Bilateral Surgery
Indicator of 3 is submitted, the procedure code should only
be submitted with a modifier 50" What is your experience with commerical payors accepting RT&LT? Debate about which is correct in my office, thanks a bunch!