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Technique: After the risks, benefits and alternatives were explained
to the patient and written, informed consent was obtained, the
patient was placed supine. The right neck was prepped and draped in
sterile fashion. A guidewire was placed through the preexisting right
internal jugular venous hemodialysis catheter. A new
20 cm triple
lumen was exchanged over the wire. The tip was placed in the right
atrium, confirmed by chest radiograph. All ports aspirated and
flushed easily. Catheter was secured to the skin at the exit site
with 2-0 silk suture. There were no complications and the patient
tolerated the procedure well.

1. Previously placed right internal jugular venous catheter with tip
right atrium.
2. Right internal jugular venous triple lumen catheter placed with
tip in right atrium.

Impression: Successful triple lumen catheter placement. Catheter may
be used now.