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Hello Radiology Experts out there

Can somebody please give me the CPT code for an MRCP (magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography)?

Thanks so much in advance
Claudia K, CPC:confused:
That's the way I was thinking also, just wanted another opinion.
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ClaudiaK, CPC:

MRCP is an MRI of the abdomen with special emphasis on the biliary ducts. This would be reported with the CPT code for MRI Abdomen further defined by the use of IV contrast.
Per July 2009 Cpt Assistant:

"When an MRCP study is performed, it is appropraite to report one of the MRI of the abdomen codes (74181, 74182, and 74183 depending on whether contrast is administered) and a three-demensional (3-D) reconstruction code. (76376 or 76377) These codes accurately describe the procedure performed. An MRCP study includes a standard MR of the abdomen, along with MIP (maximum intensity projection) images to better delineate the bile ducts."

Hope this helps!
Christy, CPC
QUESTION: How should an MRI of the abdomen performed
in conjunction with an MRCP study be reported?
ANSWER: If imaging of the abdomen is performed concurrently
with a magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography
(MRCP) study, it is appropriate to report one of the MRI of
the abdomen codes (74181, 74182, or 74183) plus a 3-D
reconstruction code (76376 or 76377). An additional MRI of
the abdomen code should not be reported, as performance of
an additional sequence or two would be considered part of the
base procedure code.
A magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP)
study includes MIP cholangiographic images, as well as any
axial and/or coronal abdominal MR cross-sectional images. Archive/2006/October_2006.PDF
76377 3D Reconstruction - Script Q

Does anyone know how the order is handled on this? Often it's not in the original order because it isn't warranted until the initial findings are developed.