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Cleveland Heights , OH
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Hello All,

I am in search of a CPT (if one exists) that would be suitable to use for the application of a cryotherapy device for the following reasons:

Improve recovery time after intense activity or exercise
Increase energy and metabolism
Decrease inflammation in the body (arthritis and other chronic pain conditions etc.)
Faster recovery post-surgery - combined with physical therapy
Increase range of motion
Relieve tendonitis

The unit being used is made by cryousasolutions

I've searched via google and bing trying to find a CPT...I myself am leaning towards 97010 as the only option but upper management believes that there may be another applicable code so that we may receive reimbursement. We are not a DME vendor (so no HCPCS).

I think the cryotherapy devices for PT services, unfortunately, fall under the cold pack therapy which most insurance carriers will not pay.

Any feedback will be helpful.