CPT for cephalomedullary nail placed for multiple myeloma?


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I have not, but this did bring to mind a prophylactic treatment of the femur code I have seen in the book. Wondering if this might be helpful...

27495 Prophylactic treatment (nailing, pinning, plating, or wiring) with or without methylmethacrylate, femur

In this procedure, the provider treats a defect in the femur using fixation implants like nails, plates, or screws to prevent future issues. She may or may not use methylmethacrylate, a type of bone cement.

Clinical Responsibility
When the patient is appropriately prepped and anesthetized, the provider makes an incision in the skin just above the defect in the femur bone, dissecting down through the subcutaneous tissue just under the skin and down to the bone. She retracts the nerve and muscle tissue in the area. She then uses implants like nails, pins, plates, or wires to fix the defect in the bone and to stabilize the bone. She may or may not use methylmethacrylate, a type of bone cement, to fill the defect to provide extra stability. Finally, she obtains hemostasis, which is stoppage of bleeding, at the surgical site and closes the wound by suturing the soft tissue in layers.

Femur: The thigh bone.

Prophylactic: Preventive.

Also found this:
"Although cephalomedullary nail fixation is often used for metastatic peritrochanteric lesions of the femur, there is concern regarding the durability of the implant in comparison to endoprosthetic reconstruction."