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Surgeon did a lymphaticovenous end-to-end anastomosis (axilla). Although I found tons of information about a procedure, I cannot locate a CPT for it. Would 30308 would be correct, because it says "other operations on lymphatic channels"?

here's portion from op report:

"We located an obstructed dilated lymphatic containing isosulfan blue. Under the operating microscope, the located blue lymphatic was further dissected and an adjacent vein of similar caliber was found. These vessels were prepared under the microscope and an end-to-end anastomosis was performed utilizing 11-0 suture in an interrupted fashion. At the completion of the procedure, there appeared to be blue dye coursing through the anastomosis. This was verified using ICG lymphangiography under the operating microscope. A 10-French Blake drain was placed within the left axilla, and the axilla was closed with 2-0 Polysorb suture, 3-0 Maxon deep dermal suture, and 4-0 Maxon running subcuticular suture. "