Cranial ventriculostomy catheter removal

London, OH
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Looking for a CPT code for removal of a ventriculostomy catheter through previous incision? Any ideas? Only thing I could find is 62161, but surgeon op note doesn't mention it being endoscopic. Thank you!

The patient admitted, taken to the operating room. After satisfactory
induction of general endotracheal anesthesia in supine position the head
was turned to the left and the old right incision was opened by removal
of staples and cutting of a suture. There was noted to be spinal fluid
under the galea causing some distortion. We identified the bur hole
where the catheter was felt to be coming through. The
methylmethacrylate was removed. We were unable initially to see the
ventricular catheter; however, after removing the cranial fixator we
were able to identify the ventricular catheter and this was removed
without event and then placed a cranial fixator back in the old cranial
fixator area. We filled the bur hole with blue glue as well as a Gel-
Foam. Proceeded to close the galea utilizing interrupted 2 Vicryl
sutures and staples on the skin. At the end of the procedure, all
sponge and needle counts were correct. Estimated blood loss
minimal. Replacement none. Complications none. The patient taken to
recovery room in stable condition.