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I have a question for anyone who may be kindly willing to offer some insight. My husband is considering obtaining the CRC credential (Certified Risk Coder). He has 10 years experience as a remote (home-based) Medical Language Editor and also has a recent AAS Degree in Accounting, however has no coding experience. Is it realistic to think that a person of his background could gain employment as a risk coder with only the CRC credential and no coding experience?
I think the biggest hurdle would be the lack of experience/education in diagnosis coding. Over 1/3rd of the exam is being able to correctly code diagnosis(es) for things like DM, HTN, CKD, CHF, neoplasms, pressure ulcers, complications, etc.

From a managerial perspective, if I had two applicants with identical resumes, except one has education and/or experience strictly involving diagnosis coding, I'd go with that person.

I know that's not the answer you probably wanted to hear. :(
Thanks for honest reply.......

Appreciate you taking the time to reply. This helps clarify what might be the highest priority for perhaps most employers and highlights the particular focus on knowing the guidelines for ICD, Coding Clinic, etc., and practicing/training extensively on ICD coding so that hopefully one can demonstrate this during the pre-employment testing, if allowed to take same. Thanks so much for your insight and candid reply!