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Hello everyone,

I hope I am posting this question correctly... I am currently working at a PCP office and have been for 12 + years. I have been in my current position for 4-5 years which is risk adjustment coding. I received my AAPC certification (CRC) a year ago in January. I also handle all quality measures, hospital admissions and more, plus have a management title. I did receive an increase when I got my certification, but it did not bring me up to the going rate for Certified risk coders, but since I was newly credentialed, I accepted that for the time being; asking for a reevaluation in a year. I have looked up on AAPC salary calculator as well as a couple other sites and it appears the going rate is close to $65,000. Does anyone have any idea what is the best resource for me to present when I do ask for an increase? I am not asking for anyone to share salaries, It would just be helpful to know what is a reasonable ask. I am significantly under the going rate that I have found. Also, would this include just coding? Or do Quality/Hedis measures etc. fall into that category as well? We have great quality scores/MRA scores and I am the only person who handles this for the practice of 4 doctors. I was just put into this position 5 years ago from another one in the office and have really done well, however, I feel that because of this they are more apprehensive to give me the salary that they would pay a new hire with the same credentials.